This Bluetooth Speaker Actually Talks To You

A speaker should sound good, look good, and work simply. The Boom Boom does all three. Oh, plus it talks. 

Boom Boom connects to your mobile device or PC via Bluetooth or a headphone jack. It plays just like a regular speaker, with rich sound and a portable, durable design that makes it easy to carry anywhere. But it can also talk to you in a variety of languages — like Siri, if Siri were super well-traveled and multilingual. It cheerfully greets you when you turn it on, and it'll tell you when to charge the battery. You can also speak to it. Use it for conference calls instead of a speakerphone, and Boom Boom optimizes the voice quality.

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According to the video, designer Mathieu Lehanneur created the Boom Boom to be... a piece of fruit? (If you've ever wanted to see a Frenchman aggressively chomp on an apple, now's your chance.) Boom Boom boasts 15 hours of playback and is available in multiple colors. Designed in France, so you just KNOW one of those colors is Bordeaux.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He has been to the Boom Boom Room.