Use This App To Make Perfect Cups Of Coffee

If you've hopped the ever-crowded coffee snob bandwagon and now prefer something finer every morning than the mediocre mud Mr. Coffee drips out, you'll want to download Brewseful stat.

Essentially a tricked out egg timer, the new free iPhone app helps fine-tune your brewing according to the method of choice (Chemex, French Press, pour-over, etc.), coarseness of the grind, preferred coffee-to-water ratio, and cup size. Once calibrated, it will guide you from start to finish with visual and audio cues for when to start and stop pouring, when to stir, and the moment it's ready to enjoy. Plus it lets you save your presets so you can recreate the ultimate cup every time.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and has been a caffeine connoisseur since at least 2002.