11 Brilliant Concepts for Apple Watch Apps

Published On 09/12/2014 Published On 09/12/2014
Brilliant concepts for Apple Watch apps

The Apple Watch details are officially out of the bag, and the brainstorming can really begin in earnest—even though the watches won't be on any public wrists until 2015. With the convenience of looking down without reaching into a pocket, the small real estate of the screen, and body sensors tracking your movement, there's a lot for prospective designers and developers to take into account.

Curious to see what might be on your wrist in the coming year, we checked Dribbble and found some cool concepts. 

Martin Eriksson

1. Clocks on Clocks
First and foremost, the Apple Watch is a timekeeper. There are thousands of ways to graphically represent that, and you can be sure most of them will be in the App Store.

Emanuele Macri

2. WhatsApp
One of the most popular apps around the world, it's gotta be on the wrist. Without a keypad, it relies on voice recognition.

Sedef Sezen

3. House Alarm
Arm your home alarm system, check to see if there's been anything suspicious going on—all from your wrist.

Prolific Interactive

4. A "Good Morning" App
Since the Apple Watch would know exactly when you're awake, it could give you a proper Her-style wakeup, way more advanced than Siri.


5. Running Laps
Getting your heart rate and elapsed time onto a screen, the circle could represent each lap completed.

Jeff van Steijn

6. NetFlix
Obviously, you're going to be able to realize that dream of having a TV on your wrist. This is what that interface might look like.

XEE Tech

7. Game Effort
There are countless ways to utilize the Apple Watch's body-monitoring technology. This is one of them—an app that shows match duration and heart rate, letting you know if you're slacking in your pickup game.

Martin Spurway

8. Surf Swells
Get those wave updates on your wrist.


9. Tic Tac Toe
If Apple is doing a live heartbeat thing, they'll surely be able to support a live tic tac toe game on your wrist.

Robert Haverly

10. Facebook
It'll be interesting to see how Facebook structures the Apple Watch app. Someone thinks it'll be like this.

Manuel Navarro Orozco

11. Excore
When you're in a meeting and can't exactly whip out your phone, a glance at your watch will let you know the score of the big game.

Ken Chen

Bonus: The Round Apple Watch
Okay, it's not an app, but it's certainly a concept. Apple went with a square design, but we wonder what this round face might have been like. Maybe further down the road?

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