Dream Sheets: The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 04/25/14

It's Friday. Party time. Excellent.

RPM West
Price: $95
Status: $53,125 of $20,000 goal — FUNDED
Estimated delivery: August 2014
The denim masters at RPM will now produce their top-notch jeans in your choice of five new Japanese selvedge denim fabrics — including the same one APC uses — for under $100 a pair. Get on it, people.

Price: $57
Status: $36,250 of  of $20,100 goal — FUNDED
Estimated delivery: September 2014
Combining the energy efficiency of LED lighting with the awesomeness of optical illusion, these unique lamps illuminate an (interchangeable) 2D acrylic glass panel that's cut to appear 3D from most angles.

Price: $100
Status: $24,346 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: July 2014
Imagine this: Five star hotel-quality bedsheets that won't set you back anywhere near what it costs to stay in that five star hotel. That's exactly what these dudes are doing — cutting out the middlemen to offer the whole shebang (butter-smooth flat and fitted sheets and pillowcases) for just $100. Genius.

Price: $25/three bags
Status: $21,757 of $30,000 goal
Estimated delivery: September 2014
Wish your tortilla chip binging would net you some nutritious protein rather than just a bloatload of carbs? Then you'll want to switch to Chirps, which ditch cornmeal for protein, vitamin, and mineral-packed cricket flour — a.k.a., what happens when you mash up a bunch of slow-roasted milled chirpy insects. And even if you're a little queasy about the taste (which is untraceable), they come in a couple flavors, too.

Sweat Tailor
Price: $79
Status: $25,188 of $35,000 goal
Estimated delivery: October 2014
Allowing you to enjoy the sinful comfort of sweatpants in public without coming across as someone who's completely given up, Sweat Tailor is turning out the good stuff in the fit and style of regular and skinny jeans. They've even got five woven pockets and belt loops, for when you're feeling fancy.


Maumasi Fire Arts
Price: $500+
Status: $855 of $35,000 goal
Estimated delivery: November 2014
Help support the building of this premier bladesmithing studio in Olympia, Washington and your contribution will be rewarded in a handmade top-of-the-line carbon or Damascus steel kitchen blade — the sort of unique, high-quality knife you pass down to your kids.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He can get behind crickets and grasshoppers snacks, but scorpions and centipedes are out of the question.