The World's First Smart Trash Can Is Also A Vacuum

Published On 04/30/2015 Published On 04/30/2015
bruno smart trashcan

The idea that a trash can might actually make your life a little easier seems silly, until you've seen the Bruno in action. The world's first smart rubbish receptacle will automatically re-order trash bags when you're low, ping you when it needs to be taken out, and is equipped with an ingenious vacuum-powered slot along the bottom edge that sucks up whatever filth you've swept off the floor, into the bag. Hear that, dustpans?


The sleekly designed Wi-Fi-equipped rig—currently raising funds on Kickstarter—communicates with a companion smartphone app to alert you when you're low on bags, and can even be set to message you or your roommates to bring it out to the curb on trash pickup day. There's even a convenient built-in storage pod for new bags.



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