Top Notch Handmade Wooden Speakers From the Land Down Under

So you're searching for a speaker that looks and sounds like it was painstakingly handcrafted by audiophiles, rather than some hunk of plastic at Best Buy that every college kid east of Kansas has in their bedroom? Then kindly feast your eyes on these bad boys from Bruns Acoustics.

The Australian-based outfit is helmed by a group of audio-obsessed dudes, who left the corporate world to "live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle"  and build speakers that give the finger to throwaway gadgetry dominating the space these days. They intentionally limit their production volume on the wireless, Bluetooth-enabled Timbre model to ensure superior quality.

Depending on your preference, they come encased in a cabinet fashioned from gorgeously stained and sustainably sourced Australian timber and leather, or a more retro "Relic" version, which rocks an intentionally worn finish, aged parts, and rusted hardware.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor for Supercompressor and despises cheap audio tech masquerading as the real deal.