Get ready, guys. Supercompressor heads to the LA Auto Show next week, where top manufacturers are dropping some totally insane updates and a few brand new concepts. (Here are the nine we're most stoked to see.)

But before we brave the automotive future, let's pause to appreciate the past, shall we? For this week's Follow Friday, we pay homage to the classics, the tried and true, the oldies but goodies. If you're not following these accounts, you're blowing it. 


You should know by now: they regularly sell some of the most spectacular, beautiful cars that have ever been made. Their Instagram is nothing but the best.


Magnus Walker: the man, the myth, the legend, the ultimate Porsche guy.


If you’re of the belief that classic race cars are sexy, Motorsport Retro’s squarely in the NSFW category. It’s nothing but D-Types, 917s, and GT40s dressed in their finest liveries.


This Seattle-based photog only snaps with his phone and loves to play with light and angles on old-school American cars. It's a unique minimalist aesthetic that you won't find anywhere else.


Petrolified makes prints that pay homage to some truly iconic rides, combining artful minimalism with pure automotive emotion.


Singer takes your totally average boring Porsche 911 and restores it into a fully bespoke cutting edge artistic masterpiece. Even a purist can't help but drool a little.


Hagerty's motto? "Life's better in a classic." Fun fact: this '49 Buick is just a shade away from the '48 they drove in Rain Man.


Some truly gorgeous photography here of classic and vintage rides.


Ironically, not every ride at Classic Car Club Manhattan is a classic. There's some new stuff here, but the sheer knowledge that you could actually drive a car like this Shelby out of their garage makes it a-okay in our book.

Keller Powell is the Associate Editor at Supercompressor. Follow her here and here.



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