Finally, Snapchat for Texts

For about a minute, Snapchat upheld the illusion of total privacy for its users. One could send and receive photos with the knowledge that they'd completely disappear. But then, the Internet. While the idea of Confide reads similarly to Snapchat, it's exclusively for text messages and promises total privacy to those who use it, ensuring every conversations is completely off the record. Every message is screenshot-proof, as the end-to-end encrypted texts have to be swiped over in order be read.

Read receipts notify you after your message has been read and texts self-destruct — forever disappearing into oblivion. They'll also alert you if the untrustworthy recipient tries to screenshot your words. Confide offers you the luxury of speaking in an unfiltered and honest voice — which is hard to do in this post-Snowden landscape. 

Jeremy Glass is the Supercompressor Vice editor and 99% of the explicit texts he receives come from his former roommate, Tom. Thanks, buddy.