A Collection of Rare Images From NASA

It was the golden age of space exploration — including the tail end of the tense yet eye-opening Space Race — and they caught it all on camera. At Breese Little, a gallery in London, an otherworldly exhibition titled For All Mankind: Vintage NASA Photographs 1964 – 1983 features over 100 rare photographs from NASA, exploring the achievements of the groundbreaking organization with photos taken by both man and machine, including many cosmic firsts. Quite frankly, beyond that, the photos need very little additional introduction.

Apollo 11, July 1969: Liftoff seen from the top of the launch gantry.

Apollo 8, December 1968: Earthrise, the first ever witnessed by human eyes.

Apollo 17, December 1972: Liftoff of the last lunar mission.

Apollo 11, July 1969: Buzz Aldrin's gold-plated visor reflects Neil Armstrong and the Lunar Module.

Skylab 3, August 1973: Owen Garriott working outside the spacecraft.

Apollo 9, March 1969: David Scott climbs through the open hatch of the Command Module.

Voyager 1, 1980: View of Saturn.

Apollo 15, August 1971: David Scott and the Lunar Rover.

Gemini 4, June 1965: Ed White is seen on a spacewalk over Hawaii.

Apollo 12, November 1969: Eclipse of the Sun by the Earth.

Apollo 4, November 1967: Crescent Earth from 10,000 miles.

Gemini 6 & 7, December 1965.