These Speakers Look Like Eames Loungers, Sound Way Better

Davone of Denmark's designers didn't have to search too hard to find inspiration for their high-performance speakers—all it took was a brainstorming session in their favorite chair. The Davone Ray-S Speaker took shape from the Eames Lounger, proving that sometimes the best sounding ideas come from a snooze on the couch.   

These aren't your average boomers—Davone constructed the Ray-S with the highest quality materials like real wood and solid steel and built the woofer by hand. The round aerodynamic shape, which comes straight from the Eames lounger, is perfect for the speakers' acoustics. 

This level of design doesn't come cheap: you'll be forking over a cool $8,750 to make the Ray-S part of your living room. If you're game, head here to check them out. Just don't sit on them.

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