The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 10/10/14

Friday, it's good to see you. 


Status: $84,935 of $150,000 goal
Estimated delivery: August 2015
If you think your home/apartment is secure with an ordinary knob lock you are definitely wrong. A deadbolt is undoubtedly a step up in safety, but there are still ways to get around it. If you want a Fort Knox level of security for your front door, the HAVEN Smart Lock is what you need. The lock anchors to your floor and is literally impossible to pick using traditional methods.

Digitsole: An Interactive Sole to Heat Your Foot

Status: $74,275 of $40,000 goal
Estimated delivery: January 2015
These awesome insoles track your steps, distance, altitude and calories burned during your day to day activities. Feet getting a little cold? No problem, Digitsole also has a built in foot heating system. It works by connecting wirelessly to the Digitsole app on your phone, which displays all the information being tracked during use.

Vanish Spa

Price: $599
Status: $13,137 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: December 2014
Everyone has wanted a hot tub at some point in his life. The problem is they are unsightly, large, and basically unmovable. Yeah you could put a tarp in your truck bed and go redneck, or dig a hole in your yard and fill it with water, and those cheap pools from Walmart always end up ripping after a day of use. Now there is another option and that is the Vanish Spa. A durable, lightweight, portable spa you can set up in 10 minutes anywhere—it even includes its own filter/heating system.

Whiskey Elements

Status: $68,492 of $12,000
Estimated Delivery: December 2014
We covered these in depth earlier this week, but we still can't get enough. What separates finer whiskeys from others is basically time and wood. These Whiskey Elements are specially designed to “accelerate transpiration through capillary action,” as Time & Oak says. Basically this means the whiskey is filtered through their wooden elements, removing impurities and amplifying better flavor. [More...]

The Pronto Charger

Status: $141,290 of $50,000 goal
Estimated delivery: May 2015
Ever been stuck somewhere, your phone dying, and you need a quick charge? Of course you have. Plugging into a wall outlet for five minutes really won’t get you anything. The Pronto Charger is the solution to all quick charging problems. The Pronto absolutely destroyed its goal on Kickstarter and it's still going strong. The technology behind it makes it possible to fully charge an iPhone 5 in five minutes. It carries enough juice to do that three times over, before needing to be recharged itself.