This iPhone App Only Texts Drake Lyrics And It's Perfect

Since Canada's famed rapping softy made the courageous leap from his wheelchair to the microphone, Drake's been on the tip of everyone's tongue—except for, of course, the one got away.

Banking on the (correctly-assumed) notion that everyone relates to the words flowing from Aubrey Drake Graham's tear-stained mouth and wants to experience them all the time, the introduction of Drizzy couldn't have come at a better time. A keyboard that sends nothing but Drake lyrics—what an age we live in. 

Drizzy works like any other external keyboard from the app store; download it, click 'allow full access' in your iPhone settings, and you can instantly send meaningful lyrics from North America's most famous—and articulate—sad little puppy dog. 

The keyboard has five categories of lyrics to choose from: Ex's, Feels, Hate, Hustle, and Random—and is fully compatible with Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, and Snapchat. Just let Drake do the talking.

Alongside texting lyrics, you can also send links to the actual songs, an act that should only occur if the recipient doesn't already have Drake's music on their phone—which we all know is highly unlikely. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and is pleasantly surprised to find out that Drake's first name is Aubrey.