Dubai Is Building An Indoor City

Just as The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns once blocked the sun in an attempt to monopolize Springfield’s energy, Dubai is looking to spend some of its vast energy fortune on a full-scale, indoor city in an attempt to block the intense Arabian heat. They’ve just unveiled the plans for it, and it’s awesome.

The plans call for over 48 million square feet of air conditioned space that houses nearly 4.5 miles of ultra high-end shopping along a La Rambla-inspired strip, the world’s largest indoor theme park, several hospitals, and—hey, why not?—waterfalls.

Yep. Waterfalls. In Dubai, of course.

The developers see this not as some Logan’s Run-esque indoor society, but as a cultural and economic destination that will hopefully attract close to 180 million visitors annually at the start. That Applebee's in the lower right corner is gonna be...well...still probably empty.

It even has its own “wellness center” that’s designed to kickstart a medical tourism industry. 

Check out their full demo video here. It’s pretty nuts.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He thinks this would be even better if it had a 10 mile karting track looping the perimeter.