This Charger Gives Your iPad A Full Keyboard

Tablets were supposed to free us from keyboards. But if you like doing serious work on your iPad, especially with the new Microsoft Office apps, a keyboard can be a real asset. Of course, your iPad also dies faster than the hot girl in a horror film. EneBRICK can solve all your problems at once.

The EneBRICK is a mobile charging device for your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet. But you can also plug in your USB keyboard, and EneBRICK connects it to your tablet via Bluetooth. With a handy built-in stand, you can basically turn your tablet into a functional laptop AND keep the battery fresh while you work. The EneBRICK fits nearly every size mobile device, from an iPhone up to a full-size tablet, and doesn't look like some ugly charging brick. Not a bad way to get your work done like an adult, and not some touch-screen trained monkey.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He was very good at Mavis Beacon.