The futuristic headset that beat its $250K Kickstarter goal in four hours

Published On 01/23/2014 Published On 01/23/2014

Raising nearly half a million dollars just 24 hours into its crowdfunding campaign — and reaching its entire goal in only four — the Avegant Glyph is clearly something special. Here's what it is: a set of over-ear headphones with an optional Virtual Boy-esque drop-down headset that allows wearers to watch movies and play games on a Virtual Retina Display. And this isn't a screen in the traditional sense. The images are projected directly onto the retina via a complex series of LEDs and two million micromirrors.


Not only is it HDMI compatible with most audio or visual sources (Xbox, Netflix, smartphones, etc.), it's also equipped with a head-tracking gyroscope feature that will provide the sort of immersive gaming experience you'd get wearing the Oculis Rift. No wonder it's gone all blockbuster.



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