9 Essential Watch Instagrams You Need To Follow This Week

There's certainly no shortage of watch accounts floating around in the Instagram universe, from amateur collectors to big name manufacturers to cheesy over-filtered wrist porn. So how do you sort through the riff raff? Trying to narrow down the best would be futile, but here's the next best thing: nine Supercompressor-approved Instagram accounts for the horological every-man.


Hodinkee is THE premier online watch publication and an absolute must-follow for anyone with a taste for ticking men's jewelry.


The watch editor at Gear Patrol and a contributor to Hodinkee, this guy's also a big-time traveler. Follow all his adventures and see what gorgeous new timepiece he's sporting.


Analog/shift manages to track down some of the coolest vintage watches out there, and sells its incredibly curated collection online. Careful, though; this Instagram is like Tinder for watches—they make it easy to fall in love.


Our buddy Anish seems to be sitting atop his own horological empire, and the champagne is flowing. If you like your watches with a side of Lambo, check him out and the rest of his crew, including @watchesonme and @horolojizz.


Paul Maudsley is the head watch expert for Bonhams Auction House in London, so you know his Instagram is gold. Bonus: he's got an affinity for vintage Ferraris.


This quiet little Instagram is just something special for all you Tudor and Rolex guys out there.


And at this table, the divers.


The Horophile blog is a one-man show out of Switzerland (of course) and the timepieces on this guy's wrist do not disappoint. No frills, just gratuitous wrist porn at it's finest. 


With a focus on craftsmanship and affordability, worn&wound will make you wish it were socially acceptable to put watches on your ankles. Plus they do their very own Instagram round-ups every week, so you can find a plethora of other watch accounts to follow. Pace yourself, buddy.

Keller Powell is the Associate Editor at Supercompressor. Someone once told her time is a flat circle. Follow her on Instagram @kellbellpow.