6 Things You Should Expect On the Next iPhone

Despite Apple’s endless security measures, there’s very little they can ultimately do to curb the leakage of their battle plans. There are literally so many people involved in the creation of their flagship phones that it’s inevitable something will sneak out the door, and thanks to KGI Securities (The guys who’ve successfully reported almost every Apple product months before release for the last few years) via BGR, UDN, and Tech News we’re looking at some swanky 6s upgrades.

What we know:

- The next generation iPhones are coming in September (No surprise there, Apple’s been on this product cycle for almost a decade)

- Rose Gold option to match the Apple Watch Edition’s Rose Gold vibes.

- They will be less bendable, with a redesigned chassis to make them impervious to hipster jean syndrome.

- Force Touch, just like the Apple Watch and the new MacBook, will make its debut, enabling a 3 dimensional touch interface for the first time.

- TouchID Fingerprint Tech is getting an overhaul to make Apple Pay work lickety split.

- Sapphire glass screens, similar to what you’d find on a super high-end watch. More scratch resistant, and definitely more crack resistant.

More as it develops.