Finally, Foam Lightsabers With Electronic Scoring

Participation in swordplay since, well, the middle ages has waned due to the advent of improved personal safety and also because of a more definitive worldwide legal system. (This is a good thing!) And yeah, modern fencing has been able to partly curb the declining pastime, but its efforts haven't exactly hit the mainstream.

Finally, we have a solution. Meet the Sabertron—swordplay without the blood and tears.

"The [scoring] system of dead/not-dead has enjoyed widespread use among swordsmen—it is simple; it is reliable," Saberton's video below sagely reminds us. "It cannot, however, be played multiple times." 

Still with us? Of course you are. It continues...

Essentially a glowing wacky noodle attached to a handle, the Sabertron has a computer system and accelerometer much like your smartphone's that can record body hits without recording saber-on-saber contact, allowing you to keep score. On the side of the handle, LEDs monitor health levels as opponents hack away at each other. And since creator David Lynch (no, not that David Lynch) thought this thing through, you can stab as well as hack so you can completely copy the move from Game of Thrones.

Sabertron has already slaughtered its original Kickstarter goal and has its sights zeroed in on a stretch goal: sheaths. This would accompany the medieval model—which has different sound effects, obviously—quite well.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He watched Game of Thrones last night. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.