The Hottest Kickstarter Campaigns, 10/17/14

Hello Friday. The rules are...there ain't no rules!

uKeg Growler

Price: $99
Status: $66,979 of $75,000 goal
Estimated delivery: May 2015
A growler with the added benefit of a keg. Pretty simple stuff here. The uKeg will keep your brew cold and ready for enjoying at a moment's notice. Built for portability and sharing—because good beer is meant to be shared—bring it to the next tailgate at your beer league softball game. 


Price: $39
Status: $8,547 of $20,000 goal
Estimated delivery: January 2015
You know when you get a fresh pack of beer, you go to pop it in the fridge, and damn, there's not enough space? Too many filet mignon steaks, because you're obviously trying to get that PROTEIN. Fridge storage problems have been solved thanks to the bottleLoft. Using extremely strong magnets, the bottleLoft allows you to hang beer, or any bottle with a metal top, from the top of your fridge. Practical, and kinda beautiful too. 

The Odin Puzzle Dog Toy

Price: $35
Status: $7,418 of $25,000 goal
Estimated delivery: April 2015
Dogs love toys. Dogs love treats. Dogs love just about everything, which is why you should treat your dog to this awesome new Odin Puzzle toy. It's designed so it never bounces the same way in a row, thus keeping your dog endlessly entertained. It also has an internal treat compartment that will dispense treats when the toy falls on a certain side.


Price: $12
Status: $30,209 of $20,000 goal—FUNDED
Estimated delivery: January 2015
BIC lighters are cheap and easy to use, but in a survival situation, a lot of factors could cause one to malfunction. If it gets wet, it's basically useless. The guys at Exotac have created a simple sleeve that turns an ordinary BIC lighter into a tough waterproof survival tool. The sleeve is made of rubber and completely seals the lighter from water when the protective cap is in place. The fireSLEEVE also has a rubber gas lock which can save your thumb from burns if you need to use it for a prolonged period of time.

OFFPISTE Sports Pack

Price: $159
Status: $7,797 of $49,000 goal
Estimated delivery: April 2015
The OFFPISTE is a modular sports pack designed to be as lightweight as possible, while still providing enough space for everything you need to carry. We actually got to try this pack out, and the freedom of movement was amazing. The triangular design allows for easy accessibility, plus unrestricted shoulder and chest movement. No bulk and no bother, it's the ideal day pack for hiking, sailing, biking, fishing, and various other -ings. 

Gavin Woolard is an editorial intern at Supercompressor. Check him out on Instagram