These Geniuses Turned Chatroulette Into A First-Person Zombie Shooter

Published On 08/21/2015 Published On 08/21/2015

The decision to sign on to Chatroulette (or Omegle) involves accepting the fact that you're about to see some scary stuff you'll never be able to un-see. However, unsuspecting users recently ran into a surprise that—for once—didn't involve random pornography, when they found themselves participants in a live action, zombie-centric, first-person shooter, courtesy of Realm Pictures.

Prompted to type "Start" by an arcade-style alert, users found themselves delivering instructions to a GoPro-equipped actor fending off undead attackers in a scene blending the best elements of Goldeneye with Resident Evil.

In keeping with the video game concept, the hero starts off with pretty lame weaponry (a crowbar??), upgrading to more badass firepower as keen-eyed Chatroulette allies spied guns scattered throughout the environment (including, of course, in random pots, you Legend of Zelda fans). As always, the villains stepped up their game as well, culminating in a foe whose sheer crap-your-pants factor resulted in the virtual deaths of some players.

The team behind the project also released a behind the scenes video showing how they pulled it off.

Combining old school effects with the interactive tech of today, the filmmakers replicated the look of a first-person shooter while also keeping the spontaneity of the video game experience alive and well.

Damn, they also gave people a legitimately good reason to use Chatroulette. That may be the greater achievement.

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