The Keurig Of Nutrition Puts A GNC In Your Kitchen

Maintaining a high level of nutrition isn't easy. Short of having a personal nutritionist on call, knowing exactly what combo of vitamins and supplements works for you is mostly guesswork and pseudoscience you get from "experts" on some stone age bodybuilding forum. You know what is easy? Pressing a button and instantly getting what you want. FitNatic, an intrepid group of tech wizards and fitness enthusiasts, have combined the convenience of a Keurig and the expertise of a personal nutritionist all in one high-tech package: the Nourish.    

Nourish sits on your countertop like a Keurig, but most of the action takes place away from the actual unit. Its app syncs up to the fitness tracking tech you probably already have (think Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.) and determines exactly the supplements and vitamins you need down to the milligram. When the FitNatic crew swung by Supercompressor HQ for a demo, we saw the whole thing controlled by an Apple Watch—pretty impressive.

Although the supplements themselves aren't included with Nourish, the 16 "seeds" holding them are RIFD-enabled, and will be automatically refilled and shipped straight to you. Now you'll never have to pretend to listen to all that unwanted advice from the meathead behind the GNC counter again.

Head here to Nourish's IndieGoGo page and snag your own for $299.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He shuns GNC, solely to avoid being lectured about the merits of drop sets.

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