This Bluetooth Speaker Can Actually Play Music Underwater

The majority of Bluetooth speakers out there need to be handled with care—but not the Fugoo XL. Mud-proof, snow-proof, drop-proof, and waterproof, Fugoo has created a virtually indestructible Bluetooth stereo with a best-in-class battery and 360-degree speaker system, ensuring your camp site neighbors will get approximately zero shut eye, but also, zero bears.


On a full charge, the speaker will go for up to 40 hours and even has an extra charge port to keep your phone powered up. As for the tech specs, the XL features eight drivers that crank out 100 decibels, and it'll stream from your phone from a distance of up to 33 feet. You can also turn your smartphone into a remote and control the unit via Google Now and/or Siri.

The speaker isn't available just yet, but Fugoo expects the first round will start shipping on tax day. If you don't know that date, you probably should.

Plan your next adventure accordingly.