The World's First Bluetooth Padlock

Man's made, um, several technological leaps in the last century. You may remember we put a man on the moon, and somehow we've packed all the tech it took to get us there into a tiny computer that fits in your fanny pack.

So why, in 2014, are we still crippled by the archaic padlock, which is rendered completely useless the second you lose its key or forget the combination? Somebody make it better, dammit! Oh, wait, somebody did. Meet Noke, the world's first Bluetooth padlock. Okay. 

Liberating us from the key and combo shackles of the traditional gym locker guardian, this thing pairs with your smartphone and can be unlocked with the press of a button. It even allows you to securely share access with friends on a temporary or permanent basis.

But what about when your phone battery dies, or you're *gasp!* phoneless? No sweat; you can create a custom analog access code of short and long "clicks" that can also unlock it at any time. Just, you know, don't forget it.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. No he will not share his combo with you. Sorry.