Order Groceries With Your iPhone

There are plenty of food delivery apps — you are probably familiar with them. Extremely familiar, in fact, since your fridge has been empty for months save for one can of Coors Light and an expired jar of guacamole. But InstaCart makes ordering groceries just as easy as ordering take-out, with the added benefit of being, you know, healthy. The app allows you to order your groceries straight from your phone or browser, with delivery in under an hour from a variety of local supermarkets. And unlike Fresh Direct or Pea Pod, you can get delivery same day for a $3.99 delivery charge.

Available now in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, the app delivers from stores like Whole Foods, Costco, and Safeway, and uses crowdsourced "Personal Shoppers" instead of costly warehouses and trucks. Not a bad way to get a steak and a six-pack brought straight to your door. And if you're looking for recipes, InstaCart supports Yummly's recipe database, so you'll never be hard up for kitchen ideas.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor of Supercompressor. He can't tell if that's a bag of pears or onions in his fridge, and it's a problem.