The Top 12 Reaction GIFs, Curated by The People Who Know Them Best

Published On 08/22/2014 Published On 08/22/2014
The very best GIFs
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Everyone knows a well-timed reaction GIF can make or break a virtual conversation, conveying complex emotion and hilarity in a way words simply cannot. But which are the BEST? We tapped the GIF experts (GIFperts?) at Giphy to create a master list to help you better express all those feels.

Behold: The 12 best reaction GIFs. Use them wisely and at your own risk.


Zach Galifianakis in The Campaign

Giphy: You know that term "unbridled joy"? This is it, in an unending loop. This is one of our most popular GIFs ever, and I think it's because it represents a pinnacle of happiness that no human being has ever actually reached.  


Fozzie Bear

Giphy: Isn't it amazing that so much emotion can be projected out of a Muppet? This is the perfect face-palm GIF to use, because you instantly understand the embarrassment and pathos of Fozzie Bear.

Eye Roll

Tina Fey

Giphy: Tina Fey is the undisputed ruler of the eye roll. Let her do all the heavy eye rolling via this GIF—you'd probably hurt yourself if you attempted this in real life.  

High Five

Stephen Colbert

Giphy: This is a good GIF because it's so triumphant, but its straight-up weirdness elevates it to a great GIF. Plus, this is the perfect GIF to use for a self-congratulatory Tweet (so, basically, every Tweet.)



Giphy: I see this GIF being used a lot, under many contexts. It can be sweetly romantic, or a way to say "thank you," or just a funny animal GIF. That's one of my favorite things about GIFs—a simple, eight-frame animation of a walrus can mean so many things!


Brendan Fraser

Giphy: There are all different "volumes" of laughing GIFs, from a polite chuckle to, well, this GIF. Brendan Fraser's laughter is so unhinged, it's almost cartoonish, and the looping amplifies it perfectly. If you're going to go big, this is the GIF for you.


Three-way tie between Arrested DevelopmentThe Office, and Tracy Morgan in Cop Out 

Giphy: This was the hardest reaction to decide on a single best GIF. In all honestly, the "No" Reaction GIF has a holy trinity. Michael Bluth, Michael Scott, and Tracy Morgan. They're all playing off the same concept (an extendedly pointed "no"), but they're so funny and so full of emotion that they've yet to become stale. 


Crying Cat 

Giphy: This might be the most obscure GIF, but it's become a legend amongst the Giphy team. This cat GIF has been nicknamed "supreme sadness," representing the culmination of everything sad in the universe. After all, what's sadder than a cat shedding a single tear?


Kanye West

Giphy: There's shrugging, and then there's the "Kanye Shrug." Keep this GIF safe and use only when in a "100 Percent Do Not Give A Sh*t" situation.

Thumbs Up

LeVar Burton

Giphy: This is my go-to Thumbs Up GIF, and actually might be my favorite GIF of all time. It's the perfect combination of recognizable ("Hey, it's LeVar Burton!") and bizarre ("Hey, why is Geordi LaForge wearing a Cosby sweater?").


Justin Bieber's Deposition

Giphy: Here's a new classic from only five months ago. But the first time I saw it, I knew it was destined for greatness. There's so much going on in this GIF: a troubled superstar combined with a playful disdain and an overwhelming doucheyness. What better GIF to attach to your next smart-ass email?


WWE's Daniel Bryan

Giphy: The larger than life aesthetic of professional wrestling translates amazingly into the GIF medium. Daniel Bryan is a WWE superstar whose catchphrase is screaming "YES!". This is a match made in heaven.



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