They're Making A Kim Jong Un Video Game

Add this to the list of things you never knew you needed: a satirical new video game entitled Fearless Leader! in which you — as a miniature Kim Jong Un — run around on a mission to battle the American army in defense of your great nation, all the while learning "why North Korea truly is the best Korea." Plus, Dennis Rodman!

In development by the indie gamemaker Moneyhorse, the retro-style seven-level adventure has you participating in the sorts of activities the questionably quaffed dictator no doubt dreams about, namely, riding a unicorn while skirmishing with the American military, launching warheads, and of course, kickin' it with Dennis Rodman. Check out the teaser above to get amped for its forthcoming release, you capitalist pig!

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He also dreams of riding a unicorn.