The Wireless Charging, Neon Glowing Speaker System

Do you dump your phone on your nightstand before bed, and pray it charges? Well, the Glowdeck is a more elegant solution.

The Glowdeck will wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled phone; all you need to do is set it on top and let it juice up. But it's much more than that: the Glowdeck is also a customizable notification center. Using the Stream app, it displays email, social, and weather notifications from your phone right on the LED display. Plus it lights up in different colors to alert you of incoming texts or Facebook likes, and has it's own Siri-like system for voice commands.

Glowdeck also functions as a Bluetooth enabled speaker, with a laser light show that accompanies your music. With cherry, maple, or walnut wood finishes, plus a slick black acrylic, you can style it with any motif. They are going fast on Kickstarter, so get in before the price creeps above $200.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. He gets the Zach Morris joke, but he wasn't really a SBTB fan.