Google Just Turned Your iPhone Into VR Goggles Using Cardboard

At the Google IO conference yesterday, the ubiquitous tech company announced yet another possible game changer. Cardboard, Google's mobile virtual reality platform, is now available for the iPhone.  

For those not in the know, Cardboard is not just some trendy app name—the app literally utilizes a handmade cardboard headset in order to fully immerse the user in the VR experience. Google provides DIY instructions to make your own headset and also lists pre-made kits available from third-parties, starting at around $20.

Though Cardboard has been available for Android since last year, releasing the app for iPhone represents a major coup for Google since the iPhone has no other comparable VR platform of their own to compete. While the platform is still in its infancy, all it'll take is a few third-party developers with big ideas to make it an absolute must-have for everyone, whether they use iOS or Android. We're definitely looking forward to getting in on the VR action ASAP. Download it here for Android or here for iOS and start experiencing a whole new reality on the cheap.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant for Supercompressor who already lives in virtual reality.

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