Google Just Fixed One of Chrome's Most Irritating Problems. You Will Be Pleased.

Let's be honest guys: in the tech world, we are all mere peons to the powerful Google overlords, who control what we can and cannot do with our myriad devices on the world wide web. Thankfully (for the most part) they're pretty cool about it, doing things like opening up access to Android Wear products to rival iOS users and developing self-driving cars, interactive maps, and whatnot.

For their latest magnanimous gesture to the unwashed masses, they've fixed one grating feature that has personally always bothered me when using the ubiquitous Chrome browser. According to Chrome engineer François Beaufort, autoplay videos will now only start when the tabs they're in are selected in the foreground of the browser. So, for those of you monsters who keep 40 tabs open at a time, you no longer have to listen to a mash-up of 12 YouTube embeds, three advertisements, and a recap of last night's Packers game every time you switch your volume on.

All of the video elements will still load, so playback will begin once you select the tab, but never before. Beaufort claims this will also save power since the app will no longer consume juice on otherwise unneeded pages. If you're code inclined, you can even check out the technical review of the fix

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's very relieved that he'll never have to skip reading an article because of its annoying background ad again.

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