Google Chrome Just Got Significantly Faster

If you've been struggling with a sluggish browser in your recent ventures into the Interwebs, never fear -- the Google Chrome team is on the case. The latest Chrome update, Chrome 45, is poised to be a faster, smarter, more polite, and all around better way to traverse the Internet than any previous version.

The browser will increase its speed by using less unnecessary storage and power while in use.  Tabs will now be restored from most to least recently viewed, so you get to see the most important tabs, more efficiently. Also, the browser will be able to "detect if your computer is running low on resources and stop restoring the rest of your tabs to save you precious memory." You'll be able to manually restore them if you'd still like to access them later.

Chrome can also now detect when a page is idle, and take advantage of the inactivity to free up space in its memory, as demonstrated in the video above. The team found this practice freed up memory 10 to 25 percent on many pages, giving your browser a much-needed turbo boost. 

These tune-ups, along with the previously announced autoplay blocker, definitely push Chrome to levels we've not seen before. Once we're updated, we're looking forward to putting it to the test and opening as many cat videos as possible at once.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's sick of fast web browsing -- time to move back to dial-up.

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