Good News For Eyeballs: Google Maps Now Has Night Mode

Published On 08/07/2015 Published On 08/07/2015

It's 10pm and you're driving through the sketchy part of town to meet your significant other. You look down to your iPhone for quick directions, and—ah! mine eyes! they burn!

The momentary blindness causes you to total your new car on the adjacent mailbox, your girlfriend breaks up with you because you never show, and you lose your job in a downward spiral of emotionally crippling depression. Here to prevent your potential demise is the newest update from Google Maps, which introduces a darker, night-friendly display.


The feature is only available in turn-by-turn navigations (not the general Maps interface) and will activate automatically in the evening hours. It's yours as soon as you update to the latest version of the app. Your retinas will thank you.

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