Um, Did Google's Project Soli Just Perfect Motion Control Tech?

Motion control has been in existence, in one way or another, for decades. But it's never really....worked. Think about those doors at the grocery store, or even a Wii. They are generally clunky, obtuse, and prone to misinterpretation. Often motion sensing technology simply isn't worth it. 

Leave it to Google to turn a million wrongs into a right, with their potentially revolutionary Project Soli. Motion sensing technology that might Whoa. 

Project Soli uses broad beam radar to detect and translate the motion of your hand—making it ideal for interacting with smaller pieces of tech, particularly wearables. Can you imagine being able to control a smart watch with a flick of a finger? Google seems to be gambling big on your interest here. 

Needless to say, they have our attention. Check out the video below for a full run-down on the team behind Project Soli, and what it can do for our tech. 

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