The Siri Hack That Will Change Your iPhone

Siri is great in theory, not so great in practice. The voice-control system on your iPhone can only do so much; for instance, why does it have such a problem launching third-party apps? Googolplex is the Siri hack that will let you really control your iPhone with your voice.

Googolplex claims you can easily hack your Siri in 30 seconds without jailbreaking your phone. Follow the instructions, and suddenly you can use Spotify, Nest, and other non-Apple apps with voice controls. If you're a whiz with computers, you can even program your own voice controls. No word on how long the hack will last until Apple closes the loops, so start fully realizing Siri's potential now.

Evan Scott Schwartz is the Tech editor for Supercompressor. His Siri apparently thinks every voice command is "Call Ex Girlfriend."