These Headphones Are Made From A Tree That Grew In Brooklyn

The good folks at Grado Labs are about as Brooklyn as it gets, and they've really done right by the best of the Five Boroughs* with their newest limited edition headphone design. The Grado Heritage GH1 is not only made in Grado's Brooklyn lab, it's made out of a tree from the founding family's hometown of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

*To be fair, I'm more than a bit biased. I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

John and Jonathan Grado knew they had to incorporate their hometown roots into a design when they got their hands on a maple from Sunset Park, which would have otherwise been repurposed into furniture. Thankfully for us, the result of their vision is not only a real slice of old Brooklyn—it's a damn impressive sounding set of headphones.

Each special limited edition GH1 comes with a signed letter from the Grados in the box. You can snag a pair for $650 online here or at any of Grado's trusted retailers, found here.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's going to keep an eye out for good headphone lumber on his next run through Prospect Park.

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