This Smart Case Turns The Back Of Your iPhone Into A Touchscreen

Even with all of the breakthroughs and innovations announced at the Apple Keynote event earlier this week, there's one thing none of the iDevices -- or any other touchscreen device around, for that matter -- is capable of doing: giving you any type of touch control outside of the screen. Stepping up to the plate is HandyCase, a new smart case that can unleash the full potential of both sides of your devices.

The concept of the HandyCase is simple: just clip the case onto your iPhone or iPad, turn it on (it uses an external battery that lasts about 20 hours a charge) and the Bluetooth connection will allow you to control the device's interface via the back surface. And you won't just be able to control the device -- you'll be able to see your fingers while you use it, essentially turning your screen into a transparent, dual-sided wonder device. 

Check out the HandyCase on an iPhone 6 in action. 

Sorry, Android users -- currently, there are only HandyCases for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Mini, and iPad Air 2. But there is hope: the cases were designed using Android tech, so there may be some Android-specific cases coming in the future.

Head to Kickstarter to support the campaign and reserve a HandyCase of your own, starting at $99 for an iPhone 6 case, to be shipped in April 2016.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Do we really need to use both sides? Yes. 

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