These Bluetooth Headphones Look Great On Your Wrist

One of the great things about today's tech: being able to listen to just about anything, anytime—especially on the morning commute. One downside: always needing to lug around a pair of headphones wherever you go. The folks over at Ashley Chloe feel your pain, and they've come up with the perfect solution to your headphone woes: the HELIX Cuff, a high-fashion wearable that stows your Bluetooth headphones when you're on the go.

The HELIX Cuff gives you a quick, tangle-free place to stow your headphones, and looks great too: it's designed like an upscale Fitbit, and made from the same materials as the Apple Watch. There's even a gold-plated option available, so you can really take your fashion-forward listening to the next level.

Head here to the HELIX Kickstarter page to snag one of your own for $99 at the Super Early Bird level, $100 off the estimated launch price. Expect to see these everywhere starting in December.

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