Let Hipster World Leaders Take Over Your iPhone And Laptop

Published On 12/16/2014 Published On 12/16/2014

Amit Shimoni is aiming for world domination...of your devices with his collection called Hipstory, that is. From beanies to bling to backwards trucker hats, the artist has re-imagined famous world leaders dressed as hipsters on prints, available in a wide array of customizable items and personalities.

So go ahead, put down your locally sourced, organic kimchi and display your ironic love of politics with pride. 

Abraham Lincoln Samsung Cases & Skins - $35
He put an end to slavery, and now Abe's guarding your phone with a wise smirk and a velour blazer that he definitely bought before it was cool.

Mao Zedong Kindle Skin - $20
What, no matching Nixon skin?

John F. Kennedy Fine Art Print - $85
If you're looking to class up your digs, look no further than a framed version of our beloved JFK rocking a sick porn stache. What up, big haircut?

Che Guevara iPad Skin - $20
He's trading his traditional star beret for an Adidas beanie. What a sell out.

David Ben Gurion Stretched Canvas - $80
He's got his own airport, and now he's also got a place on your wall, available in small, medium, large, or XL.

Mahatma Gandhi iPhone Cases & Skins - $35
The man behind the hunger strike can now watch over all your food Instagrams.

Margaret Thatcher Greeting Card - $5
This holiday season, let the Iron Lady send your warmest wishes. Damn, Maggie, is that cheetah print under there? 

Nelson Mandela Laptop Skin - $30
Hipster Mandela looks a lot like a senior citizen Fresh Prince, no?

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. All of her friends are getting Margaret Thatcher holiday cards this year. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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