Let Hipster World Leaders Take Over Your iPhone And Laptop

Amit Shimoni is aiming for world domination...of your devices with his collection called Hipstory, that is. From beanies to bling to backwards trucker hats, the artist has re-imagined famous world leaders dressed as hipsters on prints, available in a wide array of customizable items and personalities.

So go ahead, put down your locally sourced, organic kimchi and display your ironic love of politics with pride. 

Abraham Lincoln Samsung Cases & Skins - $35
He put an end to slavery, and now Abe's guarding your phone with a wise smirk and a velour blazer that he definitely bought before it was cool.

Mao Zedong Kindle Skin - $20
What, no matching Nixon skin?

John F. Kennedy Fine Art Print - $85
If you're looking to class up your digs, look no further than a framed version of our beloved JFK rocking a sick porn stache. What up, big haircut?

Che Guevara iPad Skin - $20
He's trading his traditional star beret for an Adidas beanie. What a sell out.

David Ben Gurion Stretched Canvas - $80
He's got his own airport, and now he's also got a place on your wall, available in small, medium, large, or XL.

Mahatma Gandhi iPhone Cases & Skins - $35
The man behind the hunger strike can now watch over all your food Instagrams.

Margaret Thatcher Greeting Card - $5
This holiday season, let the Iron Lady send your warmest wishes. Damn, Maggie, is that cheetah print under there? 

Nelson Mandela Laptop Skin - $30
Hipster Mandela looks a lot like a senior citizen Fresh Prince, no?

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. All of her friends are getting Margaret Thatcher holiday cards this year. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.