Control This Hologram Box With Your Phone...And Your Brain

Even though we're pretty firmly entrenched in the 21st century at this point, our tech hasn't quite caught up with what people were imagining we'd have back in the day. Yeah, electric self-driving cars and smartphones are cool, but where's the hovercraft traffic and hologram phones? Good news: while we haven't really heard much about those flying cars, we do have some progress on the hologram front. Holus, a new tabletop device from H+ Technology, is a ridiculous piece of tech that finally gives us the future we were promised.

Holus is a tabletop display hologram with what looks like an endless number of crazy uses. At its most basic, the box converts data from any type of 2D screened device (i.e. smartphones, tablets, computers) to 3D holograms.

From hologram video conferencing to gaming, to, wait for it, mind controlled activities, the abilities of this box beyond just the programs on your phone already look limitless, and developers are only just starting to scratch the surface of what might be possible with this type of tech.

Holus is on Kickstarter gathering the last bit of funding needed before production and a March 2016 launch. Head here now to reserve one for yourself for about $700 and really join the 21st century.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor and he's waiting for that hoverboard.

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