Here's An App For Passive-Aggressive Roommates

There are very few perks of living with a person you're not related to and cannot have sex with. Violations of space, accidental nudity, dirty dishes, and stray, unaccounted for pubes. Luckily, the HomeSlice app can solve most of those problems. It's kind of like a virtual chore wheel, where you can display chores that need to get done, supplies that need to be purchased, and bills that need to be paid — displayed and assigned to everyone you live with. 

Alongside being able to group text with your roomies, you can see which specific chores have been completed, keeping track of who's done what without the awkwardness of asking them in person. When you're running low on toilet paper or dish soap, a notification will appear onscreen and whoever is assigned to that task can get the job done. Unless, of course, they're a lazy piece of human trash who doesn't take sh*t from humans or computers. 

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