Honeywell's Lyric Thermostat Can Read Your Mind And Body

As the smart-home revolution continues to grow, it's not surprising to see Honeywell's just-announced Lyric Thermostat, a climate control device out to eat recently-acquired-by-Google Nest's lunch. And if all its features work as planned, it may just happen.

Honeywell is no rookie when it comes to connected climate-controlling devices. (Consider its line of existing WiFi-enabled thermostats.) The Lyric, though, promises to be the smartest yet. thanks to a handful of baked-in functions that make keeping your crib comfortable easier than ever.

For one, it's equipped with geo-fencing tech to recognize when you're headed home, booting up the A/C or heat accordingly to a predetermined temp when it notices you (and your phone) are en route.

Conversely, Nest is designed to adjust temps based on your schedule over the longterm, rather than the day-to-day. This, of course, is a real pain when you happen to leave the office early on a wintry day or work from home.

Furthermore, rather than adjust to literal temperatures, it's designed to make it "feel like" such, factoring in how the current weather and moisture levels are effecting you.

It'll even keep you abreast of potential energy bill-busting issues by monitoring mechanical behavior over time. For instance, if it notices the A/C is working significantly harder this summer versus last, it may suggest changing the filter or getting it checked out by a professional.

Hear that? It's your once-state-of-the-art remote-controlled air conditioner griping over its imminent forced retirement.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's forwarding this article to his landlord.