Here's How Many Commercials Netflix Saves You From Watching

Kids these days have it way easy. Smartphones, iPads, twerking robot butts, and sweet sweet Netflix.

Back in the day, one of the biggest obstacles of spending hours in front of the TV was getting through the monotonous—albeit hilarious—commercials that would play run just when stuff was getting good...but that's all in the past now. A recent study published by Exstreamist actually calculated just how many hours of commercials we've missed because of Netflix and it's pretty ridiculous.

130 hours worth of commercials annually, which is just over five days of ads like that "it's a scorcher!" ad from Sears and those hilariously bad local car dealerships you see all the time.

Exstreamist reports that an average hour of television typically contains 15 minutes and 30 seconds of ads, which is a pretty solid of amount of crap. 

Do you know how much stuff you can do in 5.5 days? Actually, you can fit in a lot of Netflix in that amount of time. Hey, maybe it's time you get started on Breaking Bad—people seem to really like that show.  

h/t BGR

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