Make Sure Facebook Doesn't Ruin Your Photos With These Easy Tips

If you've ever proudly updated your profile picture with what you thought was flawless social media gold, only to end up with a stretched out, pixelated mess -- you're not alone.

Because of the unbelievably large number of people uploading selfies and photos of their grandkids to Facebook at any given time (350 million a day), the site compresses all of the images to save storage space on their servers, which in turn can really mess with the pics that just aren't up to snuff. (How did they not mention this in The Social Network?)

Want to save yourself from the struggle of blown out Facebook pics? Just follow these simple guidelines when you upload your images:

Select the "High Quality" Setting
When creating an album on your browser, make sure to click the "High Quality" button you'll see under "More Options" on the left-hand side of the screen. That way, all the photos you'll upload will be stored in the Facebook servers at a higher compression sizes.

Only Use Suggested Photo Sizes
According to guidelines from Facebook itself, there are several "supported" photo sizes: 720px, 960px, 2048px (all listed by width). If you can get your .jpgs to one of those sizes, you'll be good to go with minimal compression issues. For profile pictures, you'll probably want to go with the highest size, 2048px (just note that Facebook also advises to only upload with the "High Quality" setting selected with this size). 

For cover photos, Facebook advises that photo files should be less than 100KB, with an optimal size of  851px by 315px.

With these tricks in your arsenal, your likes are guaranteed to increase tenfold. Well, that might not be true... but your pictures will at least look way better. 

h/t Lifehacker

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He really wants to find the tenfold likes formula. 

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