How To Un-Send An Embarrassing Email

Published On 09/14/2015 Published On 09/14/2015

There's nothing quite like the sense of doom that rains over you after accidentally hitting reply-all on a private email exchange. Except, of course, the one that immediately follows, when you're getting fired for calling your boss a shithead. 

Thankfully, those moments are history thanks to Gmail's brilliant "Undo Send" feature. Hallelujah.

Screenshot via Gmail

To get in on the un-sending action:

1. Go into your settings in Gmail
2. Scroll down, and check the box that says "Enable Undo Send"
3. Select a delay of anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds
4. Save changes

Now, every email you send will give you the option to "Undo" at the top of your inbox (next to the "View message" option) until the clock runs out on your pre-selected delay.

Bless you, Google. Bless you.
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