How To Watch The Tour De France Online This Summer

July has arrived, which means that all of Europe—and a couple dozen Americans—have turned their focus on the land of baguettes and bikes for the Tour de France.

If you don't get NBC Sports or Eurosport on cable, there are plenty of ways you can still join in the fun too. Here's how.

The Best Option

Price: $29.99 for full Tour access or $4.99 per day; $19.99 for iPhone and iPad
The NBC Sports website has an excellent live stream. Quality is great, the data you get is great—who's up the road, how many seconds back is the peloton, who's in the breakaway—and you'll get the legendary Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen announcing, with the occasional Bob Roll and Christian Vande Velde appearance—potentially troubling since he was on Lance's team. If you don't like them, you can use their video but open a new tab with other announcers.

The Jenky Option

Price: Free!
People who don't want to pay for the good stream have options too, listed on and They usually have Eurosport feeds with quality ranging from terrible to fine, and have better commentators like Rob Hatch and Matt Stephens. Also Sean Kelly can say interesting things if you can understand his incredible Irish accent.

And if you want to practice your French, Italian, or Spanish, will usually have plenty of foreign streams you can follow. If they're Geo-restricted, go for Hola, which'll help you pretend you're in Italy while you're in your basement.

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