The Game Boy iPhone Adapter Is Real (And It's Glorious)

Published On 04/07/2015 Published On 04/07/2015

What everyone assumed was a clever April Fools' joke has now been confirmed as FACT: The Hyperkin Smart Boy is real and it's everything we hoped it'd be.

While it's still in concept phase, the Smart Boy will merge together the low-level cults of Apple and portable gaming to create an iPhone 6 adapter that allows users to play actual Game Boy cartridges using their phones. 



The design couldn't be more simple. Slide your iPhone into the Smart Boy adapter, throw in your old Tetris cartridge, and spend the rest of your life reliving the greatest product from your childhood.

Sources say the Smart Boy may include an app, meaning there may be new games in the mix—which, if actually the case, will give the general population a whole new thing to get distracted by.



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