IKEA's About To Turn Your Furniture Into Phone Chargers

In their quest to fill your home with awesomely convenient items, IKEA has announced that its line of tables, desks, and lamps with built-in wireless chargers will hit the US of A very soon, along with a DIY element that will make it incredibly easy to turn practically any existing piece of furniture in your home into a phone-juicing beast.

The characteristically unpronounceable product is called JYSSEN. It's a $30 cylindrical pod equipped with the inductive charging device, and is sized to drop into the cord management ports that already exist in a range of IKEA items. However, for a few extra bucks IKEA will send you a special drill-bit to carve out an appropriately sized slot in whatever end table, desk, or countertop you'd like to retrofit with a sweet, sweet power pad.

Keep an eye out for the whole lineup, which should hit stores before the end of April.