Formerly Square Instagram Introduces Landscape And Portrait Shots

Everyone's favorite late night app just got its biggest update since the filter feature: starting today, you can upload panorama- and portrait-style photos directly to Instagram, without resizing or bordering them using an outside app. Your widescreen #squad shots need suffer no more.

The change is a response to the insight that (according to the press release) one in five photos or videos aren't in the square format... and, well, duh. Who takes selfies in the square format?

To access the new feature, simply tap the format icon on the bottom left corner of the photo window (before moving on to the editing window.) Once you publish the photo, it -- be it panorama, or portrait-sized -- will appear in your followers' feeds in its natural, un-bordered way. To maintain your profile's clean, streamlined aesthetic though, the post will appear as a center-cropped square while people are creeping on an overview of your account. 

If you've been frustratingly restarting your phone and app to no avail hoping to load the new feature, calm down. According to Instagram software engineer Tim Lenardo, the update will (hopefully) reach your phone by the end of the day:

 Thank the #Gods.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Instagram for sushi porn and sandy selfies.

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