The genetic lottery—like the actual lottery—is one that is extremely hard to win, no matter how hard you play.

With the size of phones getting larger by the hour and the length of our thumbs staying depressingly stagnant, our good friends in the tiny country of Japan have created this genius Thumb Extender for the small-boned population. With roughly 390-percent of the world using iPhones, we have to give this thing two thumbs way way up!

By adding a girthy and highly-necessary 15 millimeters to your thumb, you can guarantee that even your puny, little, baby thumbs will reach even the highest point on your phone—which may as well be Mt. Everest if you're seriously considering purchasing this thing. 

The $14 extender has a stylus embedded within the tip (just the tip) to ensure you can flawlessly Facebook, Tinder, and Snapchat your friends as much as you want without feeling like a complete circus freak. 

Guys, can you even believe the iPhone 6 Plus is over five inches long? In this day and age, even normal people with normal phalanges could benefit from this feat in robotic thumb-engineering. Obvious question, though: do they make it for other body parts? Just asking for a friend. Answer the question, Japan. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and his thumbs are roughly the length and flavor of Swedish Fish. 



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