Everything the New iPhone 6s Can Do, That Your Current iPhone Can't

The Apple Keynote has come and passed, all the haters on Twitter have tweeted, and the brand new iProducts are making waves, but the biggest question still remains: just why should you even consider upgrading to the iPhone 6s?
This year, the new features introduced by the iPhone 6s make huge advancements from the 6 and actually change the fundamental way we use our phones. This wasn't just a tune up. This was an overhaul. Here are all of the new features that will have you convinced that the 6s isn't just a few small improvements to the 6 -- it's a whole new phone. 

Rose Gold Color

Yeah, this isn't anything majorly game-changing -- but Apple only gives us our phones in so many colors. Every time there's a new one, it's a big deal. 

3D Touch

This is the major feature that separates the 6s from the 6 and creates an entirely new beast. We had heard rumors of new "ForceTouch" capabilities leading up to the big reveal, and when the time came to show off the new tech, Tim Cook and co. didn't disappoint.
The way that we interact with the iPhone's interface has not changed from the original iPhone -- until now. Essentially, along with the swipes and scrolls you've gotten used to with the Multitouch Screen, you'll now be able to apply different levels of touch pressure to "peek" and "pop" in and out of your apps, adding an extra layer of control to the already incredibly user friendly OS. This will radically change the way in which we interact with our phones, making the old, "2D" controls of the 6 immediately obsolete.

5MP Facetime Camera with Retina Flash 

Your selfies (ugh) will no longer be pixelated OR ruined by poor lighting, with a sharper camera and Retina Flash, which uses the light given off by the screen itself to provide a flash for the pictures. 

12MP iSight Camera with TrueTone Flash

No, these horses from Iceland don't all have iPhones hidden somewhere -- this is an untouched photo taken by the 6s camera. The capacity has jumped from 8MP in the 6 to 12MP in the new 6S, with the ability to capture twice as many pixels. The new camera also has a greatly improved autofocus and a TrueTone flash to handle any type of lighting. 

Live Photos

Along with 3D Touch, Live Photos are the other biggest innovation of the 6s. Working just like the internet GIFs you can't get enough of (or, as many on Twitter pointed out immediately following the reveal, like the photographs in the wizarding universe of Harry Potter) Live Photos are essentially moving, talking snapshots. Every time you take a photo, the camera captures a second and a half on either side of the still image. When you press on any of your photos, you'll have a moving, vocal representation of the moment you were capturing. It's not quite a video, but it's more than a picture -- it's somewhere in between. We expect that this new feature will soon become a standard on smartphones everywhere. 

4K Video Capabilities

For the first time ever, iPhones will be able to capture 4K video, making it feasible to film, edit, and post professional-grade videos all on your phone. 

All of these new features put the 6s head and shoulders above the 6 -- not to mention the typical "s" level updates, like the new 7000 Series aluminum body, industry-leading strength glass display, 70 to 90 percent improved processing and function speeds, and new 2nd Generation Touch ID sensor. If there was ever a justification to move up to an "s" model, this is it -- which is exactly what Apple hopes you think, with its new monthly-fee iPhone Upgrade Program.

You can pre-order the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus on September 12th starting at $199 or $299, respectively. The phones will be available beginning September 25th.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He probably just convinced himself this'll be worth it.

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