Scan Anything And Everything, No Computer Necessary

Published On 04/23/2015 Published On 04/23/2015

We've all been there—inside a Dr.'s office, on the subway, at your grandma's—you read a hard copy of something, and you simply need to keep it with you. We live in a decidedly digital age, which makes the concept of being confined to print that much more frustrating. Sure, you can snap a quick photo of your document, but it's just not the same as having a true, high-quality file available across all platforms. 

And that's why we are so excited about the IRIScan mobile scannera wireless, ultra-portable device that lets you rapidly scan books, magazines, photos, and more on the go, transferring it all to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, whenever you need it. 

The scanner comes in the Wi-Fi-enabled Executive model ($129) or, a less expensive standard version that uses a memory card.

Pro tip: bring your IRIScan to your local pediatrician's office, scan all the magazines, and never pay for a subscription to Highlights again. 



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